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Shafts November 1897 - Page: 10

the average man's thought, but unworthy in that it still leaves woman a little lower, a little yielding to one

Beaver #617 (2005-02-15) - Page: 24

gallery appears to be an uninviting white rectanguloid space, at best slightly larger than your average

Beaver #517 (2000-02-28) - Page: 20

often the average male thinks about sex. Do we shout at them in disgust or have a laff along with them?

Beaver #454 (1997-01-21) - Page: 12

lover shone through in his song writing with such stunning style and sensuality. Take the song Lap

Women's Franchise June 4 1908 - Page: 4

man who respects his wife or mother should befriend her. The average Englishman has not yet got beyond

The Suffragette October 3 1913 - Page: 4

This is an issue in i which-' the: reputation: of' the' ordinary, . average; mam-: is' at /stake. 1 It is true

Beaver #488 (1998-11-02) - Page: 9

such as the description of the carnival in St. Thomas, which drips with a combination of sensual fervour and bestial

Beaver #122 (1973-03-14) - Page: 13

of rage I have communicated dreams, sensual experiences, fantasies, outbursts of madness, neuroses,

Beaver #490 (1998-11-23) - Page: 6

sensual love-making guide, is quite astounding. Both share similar chapter headings with 'Learning

Beaver #458 (1997-02-18) - Page: 10

by the drum and bass scene of today, but this isn't exactly an album that would please your average hard-core