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Beaver #410 (1994-11-21) - Page: 12

and contained all their hits so far, including the groundbreaking "Trouble", their current smash "Viva La

Beaver #V5 07 (1957-02-21) - Page: 4

the Labour enfant terrible, wlien he spoke at L.S.E. a week later. So I find failure to the Left of me,

Beaver #638 (2006-02-21) - Page: 8

08 iBeaverl 21 February 2006 FEATURES Politics/Law/Business/Careers thebeaver .blink@lse

Beaver #373 (1993-02-10) - Page: 8

electioneering by certain groups of LSE's community as the elections for Sabbatical and other Union positions

Beaver #112 (1971-11-11) - Page: 3

to normalise the situation by appeasing the Catholic reformists and thus preventing the trouble from spreading

Beaver #150 (1976-02-17) - Page: 4

as family problems, background troubles or .just plain difficulties fitting into a competitive world.

Beaver #099 (1970-05-14) - Page: 5

organisations. Keith Young was President of A.I.E.S.E.C. at L.s.E. some years ago. Unfortunately he had trouble

Beaver #238 (1985-11-04) - Page: 8

and The Times, as Britain accepted 1000 Tamils, fleeing the troubles of Sri Lanka. Little mention was made

Beaver #V6 08 (1958-03-13) - Page: 5

L.S.E. students with specialised knowledge to write about thiem. In this issue we are pin-pointing

Beaver #371 (1993-01-25) - Page: 4

of the presence of a self- opinionated, unprincipled trouble maker.. Let's face it, party politics are largely