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Beaver #632 (2005-12-06) - Page: 7

and vandalism Few and far between are the occasions in which LSE students are so closely associated with drunken

Beaver #657 (2007-01-30) - Page: 8

LSE LSG: School of Greenomics Alec Fish< Having written a piece for The Beaver on radical anti-capi-

Beaver #270 (1987-11-16) - Page: 12

S PORTS FMl LSE 1st XI: 0 Goldsmiths 1st XI: 1 Once again failure to convert half- chances resulted

Beaver #340 (1991-04-29) - Page: 2

whilst investigation carried out by Madeline Gwyon One of the LSE's most respected and established

Beaver #452 (1996-12-03) - Page: 11

a bouncing bomb, sorry ball, to Vicky, who struck it home. In fact LSE had no trouble getting the ball

Beaver #285 () - Page: 6

beware lest they become victims of their own propaganda. The LSE Administration has fallen victim

Beaver #012 (1961-10-26) - Page: 7

NORTHERN INVASION Fair haired, slightly built, Dave Bagshaw, LSE's best running prospect for some years,

Beaver #631 (2005-11-29) - Page: 30

Theatre stage (make a stats lecture interesting) Ultimate revenge for LSE's Equilibrium Caroline Locher

Beaver #634 (2006-01-24) - Page: 4

course was not “a way of maintaining our market share in China", since the LSE has no trouble

Beaver #697 (2009-01-13) - Page: 24

Photograph James Paul The Beaver 113th January 2009 What lies a-head << Page 22 LSE competes