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Tales from Houghton Street: John Worrall

by LSE notables. Florrie organised. [13:34] Describes the Troubles, everyone was involved. Focussed

Beaver #573 (2003-02-04) - Page: 1

The Beaver The Newspaper of the LSE SU First Published 5 May 1949 4th February 2003 Marvellous

Beaver #035 (1963-12-05) - Page: 7

Biggest trouble was the showers, as in past years. There has never been enough hot water and last winter

Beaver #457 (1997-02-11) - Page: 16

At this stage of the match, LSE were hardly troubled; Rachel had time to check up on her 15- 1 questions, Joy

Beaver #443 (1996-10-03) - Page: 4

and how we can benefit from the Union Welcome to the LSE Students' Union, that home of the brash,

Beaver #509 (1999-11-29) - Page: 4

iNews TheBeaver Issue 509 - November 29th 1999 4 CHANGING FACES LSE welcomes nine professors

Beaver #038 (1964-02-13) - Page: 7

the second round replay of the Gutteridge Cup Goldsmiths a week ago yesterday LSE were beaten 6 In a typical

Beaver #612 (2005-01-31) - Page: 5

In the face of the weak dollar and rising visa renewal fees, LSE is considering capping MSc tuition fees

Beaver #226 (1984-05-17) - Page: 16

In the first U. A.U game, LSE lost to a mediocre City side. LSE batted first, but were soon in trouble

Beaver #045 (1964-12-10) - Page: 7

conception, LSE netball club has made fantastic progress. Although only formed ten months ago, it is now