Tales from Houghton Street: Jane Pugh


Jane Pugh
Clara Cook
Relationship to LSE
Governance Officer, GLPD
Working at LSE; LSE in the 1970s; LSE in the 2000s; Campus; Future of LSE


Track 1 [27:54] [Session one 14 August 2015] Jane Pugh [JP] born 1957. Governance Officer, Governance, Legal and Planning Division. JP remembers her interview for a geography degree in 1975 but she studied for a three year cartographic course which included a placement in the Geography Department cartographic unit. [00:22] JP recalls working at Central London Poly before coming to LSE. [1:02] JP remembers that the Geography Department was already on the 5th floor of St Clements but the School was a small, compact campus. [1:12] JP recalls that her favourite place was the Three Tuns bar in the basement of St Clement’s. JP notes that she was only 19 and based in a department and mixed with the students. JP remembers being less aware of overseas students although there were lots from India. [1:56] JP remembers Geography as a friendly department with which she has maintained contact.[3:45] JP talks the second year field trip to New York and also a trip to the south of Spain by coach. [4:00] JP describes different accommodation used in New York. [5:28] JP talks about impact of technological changes on work and moving from hand drawn maps to computers. The first computer was purchased in 1987. JP notes that she provides hand lettered for the Trium MBA. [6:24] JP remembers academic colleagues dropping into the drawing office to make tea and discuss work. [7:40] JP discusses development of drawing office from producing graphs and maps for geography department to producing School publications. JP notes that it became the Design Unit. [8:00] JP remembers running the cartographic unit for 23 years. JP notes that the contacts she made were useful when she moved to the central administration. [8:32] JP talks about involvement in the Wine Advisory Group and as a member of Senior Common Room Committee she organises wine tastings twice a year. [9:56] JP remembers meeting the Queen Mother at the opening of the new Library as a trainee. [11:00] JP recalls the Library move from the Main Building to current building which was W H Smiths distribution centre new library. JP recalls meet Princess Anne at opening the Library in 2001. [11:26] JP discusses the Lionel Robbins Building and Library. [12:11] JP talks about the challenges of running the Design Unit. [12:52] JP discusses current role producing Governor Experts, LSE Digest, Honorary Fellows ceremonies and supporting Court and Council. [14:18] JP talks about move to Secretary’s Office after leaving Design Unit and taking a 9 month break in USA. [14:42] JP talks about working for six Directors including Ralph Dahrendorf, I G Patel, Anthony Giddens, Howard Davies, Judith Rees and Craig Calhoun. [16:04] JP discusses future and concerns about NSS student satisfaction results and ambitious building programmes. [17:57] JP discusses School’s financial situation and work of former Chief Financial Officer, Andy Farrell. [19:20] JP discusses the relationship between professional and academic staff and disparity of pay for women. [20:13] JP comments on improvements in catering and the work of Liz Thomas. JP wants to improve the wine list. [22:40]. JP talks about the SDR dinner and external speakers including Loyd Grossman and Martyn Lewis, mentions inviting David Attenborough. [24.09] JP notes that she does not look forward to retirement and recommends working at LSE. [26:57]

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