Beatrice Webb's typescript diary, 9 December 1916-10 October 1924


1917 Beatrice appointed by Lloyd George to Reconstruction Committee, to consider post-war social problems: she revives her Poor Law proposals. July, she is appointed to Machinery of Government Committee. She considers scheme to put Fabian Research Department under control of the Labour Party and the T.U.C. Sidney collaborates with Henderson and MacDonald on new party organisation for Labour. Sidney Webb, The Works Manger To-Day, also Fabian Tract 181.

1918 Sidney drafts Labour and the New Social Order as framework for Labour policy; accepted by party conference in June. Stands as Labour candidate for London University in 'coupon' General Election, coming second. Fabian intellectuals appointed to key positions on Labour Party Policy Advisory Committees. Beatrice, member of Committee on Women in Industry, produces minority report in favour of equal pay. Sidney writes Fabian Tract 183; Beatrice Fabian Tract 185.

1919 Sidney is one of three members representing mineworkers on Sankey Commission on coalmines; heads poll for Labour Executive. Also writes Fabian Tracts 187 and 188.

1920 Sidney nominated as Labour candidate for Seaham Harbour. Sidney and Beatrice Webb, A Constitution for the Socialist Commonwealth of Great Britain.

1921 Beatrice forms Half-Circle Club for wives of Labour politicians. Sidney Webb, The Story of the Durham Miners, 1662-1921: Sidney and Beatrice Webb, The Consumers' Co-operative Movement.

1922 November, Sidney elected for Seaham Harbour. Sidney and Beatrice Webb, English Local Government IV: Statutory Authorities for Special Purposes; VI: English Prisons Under Local Government.

1923 Webbs acquire Passfield Corner as country home. May, in Vienna for conference which formed Labour and Socialist International. Sidney and Beatrice Webb, The Decay of Capitalist Civilisation.

1924 January, Sidney becomes President of Board of Trade in first Labour Government. Beatrice begins serious work on My Apprenticeship: July, is awarded honorary doctorate by University of Edinburgh.

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