Women's Suffrage Pamphlets Cavendish-Bentinck Library Vol 9


Women's Suffrage Pamphlets Cavendish-Bentinck Library Vol 9
Colonial statesmen and votes for women; | Votes for women and the public health; | Holmes, Marion; Josephine Butler: a cameo life-sketch | Despard, Charlotte; Women in the nation | Healy, T.M; Defence at Bow Street | Malmberg, Madame Aino; Woman suffrage in Finland | Nevinson, Henry W.; Women s vote and men | Economics of woman suffrage: why working women need the vote; | Campbell, Rev. R.J.; Some economic aspects of the women s suffrage movement | Billington-Greig, Teresa; Suffrage tactics past and present | Zangwill, Israel;Talked out! | Zangwill, Israel; One and one are two | Zangwill, Israel; Lords and the ladies | Women s bill in the House of Commons; | Verbatim report of debate on Dec 3 1907: sex equality (Teresa Billington-Greig) versus adult suffrage (Margaret G.Bondfield) | Neilans, Alison; Ballot box protest | Nevinson, Margaret Wynne; Ancient suffragettes | Holmes, Marion; ABC of votes for women | Brailsford, H.N.; Conciliation Bill: an explanation and defence | Factory and Workshop Act 1901; | McMillan, Margaret; Feeding London s school children | Harben, Henry D.; Endowment of motherhood | Hardie, J.Keir; Citizenship of women: a plea for women s suffrage | Cavendish Bentinck, Ruth; Point of honour: a correspondence on aristocracy and socialism | Hylton Dale; Child labor under capitalism | Hutchins, B.L.; Home work and sweating: the causes and the remedies | Townshend; Case for school nurseries | Campbell, Rev. R.J.; Women s suffrage and the social evil | Wolstenholme Elmy, E.C.; Woman s franchise: the need of the hour | McMillan, Margaret; Infant mortality | Ford, Isabella O.; Women and socialism | Benso, T.D.; Woman: the communist
Women--Suffrage; Women's rights
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