Composition of the Samara Soviet of Workers and Red Army Deputies


Dated the 1st January 1920 this detailed, early Soviet infographic classifies (from top left) the political persuasion of members (Communist, Communist sympathisers, non-party affiliates, Internationalists and Mensheviks), a line graph to show the dramatic increase in the number of Communists since 1917, bar charts to show the level of education and the activity and attendance at meetings, one picture with a large man and a small woman to represent the balance of the gender and another picture of a prisoner and guard to show how many members suffered persecution for their political convictions. The pie chart at the bottom shows the breakdown of member professions: the intelligentsia (white), qualified workers (blue), ‘black workers’ (grey), office workers (green), teachers (black), and ‘undefined’ (yellow).

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COLL MISC 0660/2/12

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