Artful Moderate Ruse Exposed


Progressive Party poster from the London County Council Election of 1907

This poster shows a court scene with a judge seated in the top left of the picture with 'London Public Opinion' written behind him. Below him is a portly man with 'Vested Interests' written upon his sleeve. To the right around a table, stand two policemen each holding up a jacket, and more jackets lay upon the table. The more central of the two policemen is saying 'This coat does not fit him your honour, and belongs to someone else'. Upon the coat he is holding is written 'Municipal Reform 1907'. The other policeman declares, 'This coat fits him like a glove your honour'. He is holding a coat marked 'Moderate'.

Place of Production
G.S Christie Limited
London County Council Progressive Election Committee
Archives reference
COLL MISC 0840/6

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