Beatrice Webb's typescript diary, 6 March 1911-8 December 1916


1911 Spring, Shaw, Bland and others leave Fabian Executive. National Insurance Bill introduced, controversy about contributions. May, N.C.P.D. [National Committee for the Prevention of Destitution] conference. Autumn, Fabian Reform Committee formed. Webbs leave for long-p1anned journey around the world, visiting Canada, Japan, Korea, Manchuria, China, Malaya, Burma and India. Sidney and Beatrice Webb, The Prevention of Destitution; Sidney writes Fabian Tract 159.

1912 Beatrice joins I.L.P. [Independent Labour Party] and is elected to Fabian executive; promotes joint campaign of Fabians and I.L.P. for 'National Minimum'. September-October, N.C.P.D. wound up, Fabian Reform Committee dissolved. Beatrice sets up large Fabian Committee on 'The Control of Industry' , and Fabian Research Department. Webbs planning new weekly journal. Sidney appointed honorary Professor of Public Administration in the University of London (post held (at L.S.E.) until 1927).

1913 Webbs involved in attempt by Socialist International to unite different socialist groups in Britain. April, New Statesman begins weekly publication. September, Beatrice directs Fabian Summer School. Webbs deliver successful series of lectures in King's Hall, London. Sidney and Beatrice Webb, English Local Government V: The Story of the King's Highway.

1914 Guild Socialist 'Right Moment' group — G.D.H. Cole, W. Mel1or, H.J. Gillespie — challenges Webbs in Fabian Society. August, outbreak of war. Sidney joins War Emergency Workers Committee and begins to collaborate with Arthur Henderson. Webbs commission Leonard Woolf to draft schemes for prevention of War and international government. Sidney writes Fabian Tract 176: The War and the Workers.

1916 January, Beatrice appointed to Statutory Committee on Pensions: April, attends convention of No-Conscription Fellowship. Sidney becomes member of Labour Party Executive: opposes participation in Lloyd George coalition formed in December; begins to draft Labour's peace aims for party conference in January 1917: Labour After The War. Sidney Webb and Arnold Freeman, Great Britain after the War.

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