Tales from Houghton Street: Sandra Cook


Sandra Cook
Clara Cook
Relationship to LSE
1978 Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems; 1978-79 Research Officer
Student life at LSE; LSE in the 1970s; Campus; Notable people; Working at LSE; Future of LSE; Life after LSE


Track 1 [21:04] [Session one: 10 July 2015] Born 1942 First came to LSE IN 1977 to do MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems. Wanted to study at as LSE to benefit her career. [00:23] Already had a theoretical education having studied at the University of Kansas, Washington University in St Louis, Wayne State University, Detroit, Yale and University of California at Berkeley. Received a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship after undergraduate degree but didn’t take it up because got married, [1:20] First impressions that London had a war atmosphere, very grimy and grey. [2:20]. SC did not notice the campus as keen to study. Smaller than expected and very compact. Lived in a private rented house, [2:55] Teachers on the course were wide ranging. The work was challenging. Did not use the Library; computing resources were limited, describes difficulties of learning to programme using punch cards. Not as advanced as computing facilities in the USA. [3:42] Teaching was similar to USA except for experience of major exams. SC found having major exams very stressful. [6:50] Developed friendships with some tutors, particularly notes Frank Land and Elsa Land. Frank Land was course director. [7:59] Met fellow students from all over the world and particularly mentions students from Iran and India. SC has visited India over 50 times. LSE broadened her perspective on the world. [8:36] SC did not engage in many social activities as she had two children. Remembers singing in a choir in the Shaw Library. SC was a mature student. [9:54] SC became interested in British politics and enjoyed LSE’s involvement in politics. [11:00] LSE was very helpful to SC’s career. She worked for a year as a Research Officer in Department Statistics, Computing, Demography, Mathematics and Operational Research. [11:50]. SC is no longer closely linked to LSE but visits when in England, She has good memories of her time at LSE. [13:14] SC talks about LSE’s future; LSE has a unique niche in higher education and hopes it will maintain this. [14:10] SC had an office in Lincoln Chambers as a Research Officer with a view of the Old Curiosity Shop. SC loves Lincoln Inns Fields. [15:40] After LSE SC worked at Stamford Research Institute moving into management consultancy. [16:22] Recalls it was stressfully studying a new and challenging field. [17:12] SC remembered the opening of the new Library in 1978 when she met the Elizabeth the Queen Mother. [18:12] Remembered a Senior Common Room Strawberry Tea where a retiring professor recalled that one of his students had been Mick Jagger. [19:08]

Track 2 [00:43] [Session two 10 July 2015] LSE was a highlight in SC’s life. She had great respect for the Director, Ralf Dahrendorf. [00:04]

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