Women's Suffrage Pamphlets Cavendish-Bentinck Library Vol 18


Women's Suffrage Pamphlets Cavendish-Bentinck Library Vol 18
Housman, Laurence; Woman s cause | Royden, A. Maude; Spirit of the pioneer | Women and the priesthood; | Sermon preached by A. Maude Royden in the cathedral at Geneva | Royden, A. Maude; Women and the Church of England | Lee, John; Church & Women | Gilchrist, E.A; Opportunity of the Laywoman | Laywoman in the Church of England; | League of the Church Militant; | Women and the priesthood; | League of the Church Militant: occasional prayers; | Women and the priesthood: a reprint of leading articles published in the Church militant; | Jacka, H.T; Women and the Christian ministry | A.A; Women priests | Simpson, W.J. Sparrow; S. Paul on the ministry of women | Study outlines on women and the ministry; | Thompson, Margaret Eleanor; Lecture given for the Croydon branch of the WSPU; Jan 1912 | Watson, Isabella; My Sister, My Mother | Hardman, Oscar; Anglican Deaconess | Is it reasonable to expect the same moral standard from men as from women? / Turner; | No votes for women: a reply to some recent anti-suffrage publications / Lytton; | Prayer card League of the Church Militant.
Women--Suffrage; Women's rights
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Women in the Church

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