Women's Suffrage Pamphlets Cavendish-Bentinck Library Vol 5


Women's Suffrage Pamphlets Cavendish-Bentinck Library Vol 5
Prothero; Rowland E.; Women s suffrage | Nevinson, Henry W.; Women s vote and men | Radicals and reform; | Emancipation of womanhood; | Boulting, William; Old doctor s view of the women s movement | What anti-suffragist men really think about women; | Colonial statesmen and votes for women; | Murray, Eunice, G.; Prejudices old and new | Liberal cant; | F.W. Pethick Lawrence: a biographical sketch; | Brailsford, H.N.; Conciliation Bill: an explanation and defence | Snowden, Philip; In defence of the Conciliation Bill | Duval, Victor D; Why I went to prison | Duval, Victor D; An appeal to men | Pember Reeves, Maud; Family life on a pound a week | Harben, Henry; Endowment of motherhood | Royden, Maude; Votes and wages | Blagg, Helen and Wilson, Charlotte; Women and prisons | Blease, W. Lyon; Concerning the status of political prisoners | Charnwood, Lord; Legislation for the protection of women | Macmillan, Chrystal; Struggle for political liberty | Robins, Elizabeth; Under his roof | Report of the Scottish women graduates appeal in the House of Lords; | Zangwill, Israel; Old fogeys and old bogeys | Zangwill, Israel; Talked out! | Zangwill, Israel; One and one are two | Housman, Laurence; Be law-abiding! | Housman, Laurence; Physical force phallacy | Women s rights; | Smith, Sybil; Woman and evolution | Balfour, Lady Betty; Analysis of the debate in the House of Commons on the Woman s Franchise Bill | Heads I win tails you lose; | Arncliffe Sennett, Maud; Women's suffrage and parliamentary morals: manifesto by Northern Men's Federation for Women's Suffrage
Women--Suffrage; Women's rights
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