Women's suffrage pamphlets 1884-1892


Women's suffrage pamphlets 1884-1892
Enfranchisement of women; Mrs Stuart Mill | Extracts from Mr Mill s subjection of women | Reasons for the enfranchisement of women; Bodichon | Objections to the enfranchisement of women considered; Bodichon | Political claims of women; Wedgwood | Woman suffrage: a reply; Cairnes | Female suffrage: an article reprinted from the Victoria magazine of 1874; Blair | Speech of the late John Stuart Mill at the great meeting in favour of women s suffrage | Opinions of the press: being articles and extracts relating to the discussion of Mr Mason s resolution | Rights and duties of women in local government; Becker | Letter to the Rt Hon John Bright MP | Enfranchisement of women the law of the land; Smith | Latest intelligence from the planet Venus | Women s rights as preached by women | Dream of 1900 AD; Cassandra | Local Government Act 1888 in relation to women voters | Report: National Society for Women s Suffrage 1891 | Occasional paper: National Society for Women s Suffrage 1891 | Report: National Society for Women s Suffrage 1891 | Female suffrage: a letter from Gladstone to Samuel Smith | Reply to the letter of Mr Samuel Smith MP on women s suffrage; Mrs Fawcett | Historical retrospect | Speech; Jebb | Women s suffrage candidates for the general election of 1892 | Speech in moving the extension of the parliamentary franchise to women bill; Rollit | Text of the Women s Franchise Bill
Women--Suffrage; Women's rights
Collected pamphlets Vol 20

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