The Snarer! Setting the Trap; or, Look Behind the Fence


Cartoon reprinted from 'Reynolds' newspaper concerning the London County Council Election of 1907

The focal point of the cartoon on this small poster is a large man hiding behind a fence, observing a trap, which he is in control of via a piece of string. On his jacket pocket is written 'Capital'. Behind the man are numerous boxes labelled 'Trusts', 'Monopoly', 'Grab' and 'Ruin' and the fence behind which he hides is labelled 'Municipal Reform'. The trap is marked 'Clap-Trap' and the bait of birdseed 'Lies'. On a tree branch above the trap are perched several birds, who are labelled 'Rate Payers'.

Place of Production
John Dicks Press Limited
Reynolds Newspaper
Archives reference
COLL MISC 0840/1

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