Tales from Houghton Street: Dorothy Mellor


Dorothy Mellor
Hayley Reed
Relationship to LSE
1954 BSc Econ
Student life at LSE; LSE in the 1950s; Campus; London; Future of LSE; Life after LSE


Track 1 [26:41] [Session one: 17 June 2015] Dorothy Mellor [DM]. BSc Economics at LSE 1954 [00.20]. Born in Newbury, Berkshire and went to the same school throughout her childhood [00:35]. It was suggested to DM that she study Economics [01:07] so she took an entrance exam for LSE [01:24]. She describes being immature as she had only spent time in a girls school [01:42]. DM describes living in intercollegiate halls, Nutford House [01:55]. DM mentions LSE social events and clubs including a regular dance on Saturday [02:36]. Mentions the Three Tuns pub and Mrs Popper the landlady [02:56]. DM describes joining the LSE fencing club [03:11] and the rowing club as a cox [03:27]. DM describes fencing in the basement of the East Building [03:40]. DM mentions Dr Ryan [04:26] and how understanding he was [04:59]. DM mentions Dr Elstree – Economic History [05:19] and other faculty [05:49] in political and economic history [06:30]. DM mentions Mr Claus Moser, who taught statistics and was DM’s tutor [06:45] and the lack of space in tutors’ offices [07:05]. DM remembers meeting Bill Philips and seeing his machine [07:51] and being introduced to early computers by Dr Booker [08:08]. DM describes attending lectures [08:48] especially in the Old Theatre [10:14]. DM describes campus life and events on campus [10:37]. DM talks about the Saturday dance being held in the Old Refectory [11:43] and students smoking in the Shaw Library [12:06] and playing bridge [12:14]. DM describes going to the White Horse pub with the fencing club [12:43]. DM describes the food in the halls of residence [13:12] and food in London generally post-war [13:23]. DM describes going to Joe Lyon’s Corner House restaurant [13:30] on the corner of Trafalgar Square to eat soup and desert of 1 and 10 pence [13:58]. DM talks about the Three Tuns and the White Horse [14:30]. DM describes passing her degree [15:15] and graduation [15:30] in the Royal Albert Hall. DM describes getting a job in a stockbrokers after LSE doing investment research [16:50] and then left to work for IBM in 1963 [17:59] and stayed there for the rest of her working career [18:26]. DM talks about what LSE means to her today [19:32] and her memories of her mother warning her not to become a communist [19:44]. DM talks about raising money for LSE [20:10] and supporting the New Futures Fund [20:35]. DM describes meeting old friends at Alumni reunions [21:40]. DM talks about for her hopes for LSE’s future and her desire for it to remain international [22:48] and her wish for more support for new students [23:44] and for faculty to take a more proactive role towards students [23:52]. DM talks about using the LSE Libraries [25:02] and how difficult it was to find a space or borrow a book [25:44].

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