Beatrice Webb's typescript diary, 29 March 1898-1 January 1901


1898 March, Sidney re-elected to L.C.C. [London County Council]. April, Webbs leave on tour to United States, New Zealand and Australia, returning December. Bernard Shaw and Charlotte Payne-Townshend marry during their absence. Sidney and Beatrice Webb: Problems of Modern Industry.

1899 January, research begins for long series of books on English local government. Permanent site found for L.S.E. [London School of Economics] in Clare Market, and negotiations begin to give the School university status. October, outbreak of Boer War. Webbs face conflicting loyalties - personal and political friendship with Liberal Imperialists versus their old ties to Fabians and anti-war Liberals.

1900 February, Fabian Society decides against issuing any official statement on the war. Anti-war Fabians, led by Ramsay MacDonald, resign from the Society. March, Labour Representation Committee formed, Fabian Society participating. 'Khaki' General Election; Conservative majority. Webbs primarily concerned with London educational problems.

1901 After the Cockerton judgement restricting School Boards Sidney writes Fabian Tract 106: The Education Muddle and the Way Out.

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