Tales from Houghton Street: George Kiloh


George Kiloh
Clara Cook
Relationship to LSE
1996-2005, Academic Registrar
Working at LSE; LSE in the 1990s; LSE in the 2000s; Campus; LSE Students' Union; Future of LSE


Track 1 [57:51] [Session one: 2 September 2015] George Kiloh [GK], born 1943. 1996-2005, Academic Registrar at LSE. [00:39] First saw LSE 1966/67 when working in politics in London. Heard LSE was in revolution. Describes coming over from Westminster to a lecture in the Old Theatre. [01:24] Next came to LSE for an interview in 1995. [02:17] Describes starting work as Academic Registrar. Main task sorting out student administration. [03:08] LSE moving from being administered by the University of London to independence, had to create new student regulations. [04:20] Facing a Quality Assurance Agency. [04:55] Describes existing student administration and changes made to it and opening of Student Service Centre in 2002. [08:12] Describes working with colleagues including Christine Challis, School Secretary. [08:44] Challenge incorporating the General Course in central student administration. [10:35] Working with academics, the Graduate School, Quality Assurance. Diplomatic skills were needed. [12:00] Describes his decision to leave LSE and timing in 2004. [12:50] New computer systems. Changes in technology and rising student numbers. Bringing in undergraduate and graduate admissions and going through Academic Board. [17:10] Discusses senior management and the management of the School when he arrived and changes. [20:10] Originally based in Connaught House. Describes changes to buildings on campus and difficulty learning way around. [23:10] Challenges of working at LSE. Getting others to deal with change. [25:35] Highlights of working at LSE. Creating the Student Service Centre. [26:49] GK describes what he likes about LSE, still comes to LSE for reunions. LSE is intellectually stimulating. Little social life, partly due to living far away. [33:38] Describes working with Students’ Union and students. Launch of student counselling service. Launch of training to help students learn. [38:40] Impact of 9/11 on recruitment and campus. [40:34] Multicultural admissions to LSE, dealings with students. [45:39] Future of LSE. Has to maintain its independence and site in central London. Manages resources well. Question of entering a faculty system. Student number expansion. LSE’s size is part of what makes it different. [52:13] Describes School administration changes. [53:52] Describes LSE Directors.

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