Tales from Houghton Street: Craig Donohoe


Craig Donohoe
Clara Cook
Relationship to LSE
1994 BA History
Student life at LSE; LSE in the 1990s; Campus; London; LSE Students' Union; Future of LSE


Track 1 [18:42] [Session one 11 July 2015] Craig Donohoe [CD] Born 1971. 1994 BSc History. [00:17] CD remembers visiting for an open day in October 1991 including hearing a lecture by David Starkey; he liked the intellectual atmosphere; CD remembers it felt very different from his home town, Luton. [00:30] CD was struck by meeting people who wanted to make a difference in the world; CD talks about how LSE enabled his aspirations and he notes the difference in his life from friends who did not go to university. [1:29] CD describes playing rugby, attending SU meetings and socialist and left-wing meetings; during the vacation he did work exchanges in the USA and Jamaica and attended international student festivals; he also talks about public lectures. [4:07] CD recalls living in Rosebery Hall in his 1st and 3rd years; he lived out in St Pancras for part of his 2nd year and then lived in Passfield Hall. [5:49] CD remembers sharing rooms and discussions in rooms and meals learning how to debate; he notes the importance of learning outside the course. [6:19] CD describes his perception of three LSE subcultures: British left-wing working class; British and International students intent earning money and international jet set looking for high flying jobs. [7:42] CD remembers enjoying the course while confessing he could have done better with more reading, but he learnt analysis and objectivity and an understanding of the world.[8:50] CD says he regrets not studying his main interest political history. [10:00] CD remembers leaving LSE before social media and widespread use of mobile phones but has maintains friendship with friends from political groups and hall; one friend died since graduation. [10:55] CD remembers taking time learning how to produce work; comment on being judges on essays in a three hour exam though he enjoyed tutorials. [12:42] CD says he has done a Master's and would like to do a PhD [13:35] CD discusses graduation as a time when his two worlds of university and family collided; his family was proud but unfamiliar with the process. [13:50] CD remembers concern about what to do after leaving education. [15:29] CD describes his first impressions of London and LSE and enjoying the cosmopolitan atmosphere. [15:53] CD talks about favourite places on campus: Shaw Library for its quiet and historic atmosphere, Three Tuns in Clare Market; steps of the Old Building as a meeting place. [18:21] CD remembers large numbers of homeless people in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. [18:30]

Track 2 [15:59] CD talks about the gap between the experience of the homeless in Lincoln’s Inn Fields and student life. [00:00] CD mentions the Bruch Bowl (4th floor of Old Building) and SU Veggie café in the Quad. [00:58] CD discusses the Rugby Club loving playing rugby but not being part of the culture particularly as he didn’t drink alcohol. [1:56] CD regrets that the team did not have a coach as he felt selection was not objective. [2:38] CD talks about varied work after LSE including in Jamaica, Spain, Italy, USA, Cuba, Europe, he also studied for an MA and has done some research and teaching. [3:20] CD says that LSE helped him understand that he could travel. [4:20] CD talks about current experience of living in Luton contrasted to LSE. [5:34] CD discusses the future of LSE seeing it as more international and education becoming a commodity. CD hopes people will use their education to improve the world. [8:13] CD remembers students who did not complete their course. [11:12]

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