Tales from Houghton Street: Eva-Maria Asari


Eva-Maria Asari
Tom Sturdy
Relationship to LSE
2005 MSc Nationalism and Ethnicity, 2012 PhD
Student life at LSE; Teaching at LSE; LSE in the 2000s; Campus; Notable people


Track 1 [12:50] [Session one: 10 July 2015] Dr Eva-Maria Asari [EA]. MSc Nationalism and Ethnicity at LSE in 2005, PhD in 2012. Born 1980. EA describes studying for her masters at LSE and studying for her PhD and then moving back to Estonia to start a new job [00:30]. EA describes doing a job to help the Estonian government with the political unrest taking place at the time within the country [01:30] that was both difficult and interesting, but used the knowledge and skills she had gained at LSE. EA describes joining the State Chancellor department of the government to advise the Prime Minister of Estonia on ethnic relations [01:50]. EA talks about joining an NGO [02:00] and how she enjoys her work [02:50] and how she picked up the ethos of teaching from LSE [03:00]. EA describes living away from her parents and home [03:59] and how international the student body was and how she bonded with her peers due to the fact that everyone was living and studying away from home [04:10]. EA talks about her experience of meeting Professor Anthony Smith and how exciting and beneficial it was for her [05:01]. EA talks about working with the LSE Association for Studies of Ethnicity and Nationalism [05:30]. EA talks about the length of her reading list [05:50] and so she had little spare time, but that she did go to the Three Tuns and the George IV on campus. She spent a lot of time in the library when it was open for 24 hours a day and studying throughout the night [06:01]. EA describes weekly gatherings in the George IV meeting students and staff in the pub [07:01]. EA talks about the progression from student to teacher and how it felt quite natural to her [07:30] but that it was nice to be treated as a peer by the faculty [08:00]. EA explains how campus has changed over the last 11 years and mentions that Wrights Bar looks the same [08:50] and was comforting and familiar. EA describes the Old Building and the creaky floors and stairs of the building [10:21] and how you can walk around the campus all within the buildings and the views of London at the top of the various LSE buildings. EA talks about the value of the networking and the contacts she made at LSE [11:39] and that the bonds that she made at LSE survive for a lifetime.

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