Tales from Houghton Street: Carol Wain (Hornsey)


Carol Wain (Hornsey)
Tom Sturdy
Relationship to LSE
1964 Sociology, 1967 MPhil; 1971-72 Researcher
Student life at LSE; LSE in the 1960s; Campus; London; Notable people; LSE Students' Union


Track 1 [23:57] [Session one: 10 July 2015] Carol Wain [CW], born 1943. Background about herself: MPhil Social Psychology until 1967, stayed on as a research assistant/officer until 1972. [01.10] joint study with Law on the jury system. [02.03] Worked on study by Dr William Belson on the effects of television violence on adolescent boys. Office on Clements’ Inn Passage then moved to Soho. Left July 1972 to have first child. [04.29] Department of Anthropology, Professor Lucy Mair. William Morris. [04.56] Department of Social Psychology, Dr Hilde Himmelweit. [05.35] Student social life. [06.03] Began writing for the Beaver. [06.25] London rock and R’n’B music scene. [06.36] Met husband Dave at LSE, he knew Mick Jagger through lectures and they went to see the Rolling Stones in Richmond. [07.00] Lived with her mother in a flat in Richmond and threw parties. [07.19] went to Bar Social on Friday evenings. Popular bands played but. [07.58] Worked at a 1964 London University all-nighter at Alexandra Palace, Rolling Stones and the Animals top of the bill. [08.39] Involved with political demonstrations. [08.57] anti-Vietnam protests, LSE gates affair. [09.06] Became Branch Secretary of local Scientific Workers Union. Went to meetings with Director and Academic Board. [09.20] Represented two lecturers involved in gates affair. [09.29] Involved with demos 1967 and 1968. Carried Trade Union banner in 1967 demo with her husband in Grosvenor Square. [09.58] At the 1968 demo helped run a rest and recovery centre at LSE. [10.19] Demonstrations against apartheid. Lots of political activity. [10.41] First days on campus. Felt overwhelmed at first as had come from a quiet life. [11.10] LSE as a melting pot. Different class backgrounds, accents. Felt very big. [11.40] Fresher’s Week. Joined film and jazz societies. Felt shy. [12.14] Refectory/Brunch Bowl. Noisy, clattering plates, talking, friendly dinner ladies. [12.43] Students talked about politics, the Cold War, Cuban Crisis. [13.11] The coffee bar on the same floor was a bit quieter. [13.24] Going out onto the roof garden on the same floor. [13.30] Houghton Street was not pedestrianised, could hear cars. [13.43] Rock n roll music in Bar Social. [13.52] Three Tuns in St Clements’ building. Students played pool. [14.30] Wrote for Beaver a series of articles on 1960s culture, fashion including holding a fashion show, film and theatre reviews. [15.39] Had written a column about CND, been on a CND march in her first year. [15.58] Camaraderie amongst Beaver writers, thought of themselves as budding journalists. Small office, moved from St Clement’s to East Building. Had to bring in typed articles. [17.20] LSE in the 1960s. Experience finding out about the death of JFK in a common room with a TV in St Clement’s. [18.17] Student RAG Week, gatecrashed filming of Ready Steady Go as the studios backed onto LSE, ended up being used as part of the TV audience. [19.27] Second year RAG Week occupied the Tower of London, headlines in the Evening Standard. [20.43] Student politics male dominated, there was a beauty competition for women. More women began standing when CW worked at LSE in 1971-2. [21.29] Lots of freedom but women expected to be subordinate to men. [21.57] Met her husband here around finals time. Description of former boyfriends. Got together 1964, married 1965 while doing MPhil. [23.39] LSE was colourful. Life quiet afterwards.

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