Put No Trust in Any of the Trusts


Reprint for Reynold's Newspaper, the popular Sunday journal, of a cartoon concerning the London County Council Election of 1907

The cartoon in this poster shows a political meeting and a speaker shouting to an audience. The Speaker has 'Municipal Reform' written on his belly and is saying (in speech bubble) 'Our Policy is- All for us, and, the remainder-for our friends!'. He is flanked by two men to his right, who are marked 'Capital Trust'. To his left, seated behind a table marked 'Municipal Reform', are three figures, one of whom declares, 'That's what I've always done!'. At the bottom of the cartoon are the heads of the audience from the back. On these heads are written various terms, such as 'Gas Trust','Landlords Trust' and 'No Parks and Music for the People, Primrose League'.

Place of Production
John Dicks Press Limited
Reynolds Newspaper
Archives reference
COLL MISC 0840/2

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