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This collection covers the period c1892-1910 and consists of 88 posters produced for the Conservative and Unionist Party, the Labour Party, the Liberal Party, the Liberal Unionist Council and the Tariff Reform League. In the main they cover the period when Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, Arthur Balfour, Henry Campbell-Bannerman and Herbert Asquith successively held the post of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The main themes of this collection are the Second Boer War (1899-1902), Tariff Reform and the conflict between Protectionism and Free Trade, the question of Irish Home Rule and issues around Immigration. They have been arranged by political party rather than in the themes of the collection.

Key Figures

Some of the key figures of the period that have been caricatured in these posters are Arthur Balfour (Prime Minister, 1902-1905), Henry Campbell-Bannerman (Prime Minister, 1905-1908) and Herbert Asquith (Prime Minister, 1908-1915). Future Prime Minister David Lloyd George also features as does John Redmond (Irish Parliamentary Leader,1900-1918), Joseph Chamberlain (Leader of the Liberal Unionists) and James Keir Hardie (1st elected Independent Labour Party Member of Parliament). The armed forces are represented by cartoon impressions of General Haldane and the First Lord of the Admiralty, McKenna. John Bull is also often depicted to represent the Great British public, as Uncle Sam and Kaiser Bill do to represent the American and German peoples respectively.

Image Gallery

To The Electors Of The City Of Worcester

Poster Making Instructions

An Awkward Relationship

Mrs. Bannerman's Cabinet Pudding

Ain't You The Radical Party? (Barmyville Asylum)

The Decoy

Found Out Chinese Slavery

A Happy Family

Home Rule

A Doubtful Guide

He's Good Enough For Me!

Hopelessly Lost. The Radical Babes In The Wood, And No Way Out Of It

The Great Irish Ventriloquist

Is This What You Want To See?

It Really Is A Very Pretty Garden

Chinese Labour

The Next Revival

Redmond's Last Words

Free Trade And Protection

There Was An Old Woman

This Way, Sir!

Vote For The Conservatives

What An Outrage!

John Bull: Are These My Islands Or Yours?

Bad For The Quack Doctors

Baiting The "Dear Food" Hook

Beware Of False Statements About The Licensing Bill

The Closed Door

The Cupboard Still Bare

An Eye Opener

Flattening Him Out

Signor Campbell Bannerman's Original Troupe Of Radical Pierrots


Don't Be Hanky Panky'd Again

Help For The Workers

A Herring To Catch A Sprat

How The Tories Have Increased The Cost Of Living

Liberal And Tory Finance

Why Toryism Would Mean Dearer Living

Obscuring The Issue

Paws Off!

A Question Of Control

Substance And Shadow

Taking Things Quietly

"The Trade" Money Box

The Two Records: Compare Them!

A Warning! Protectionists, Read This

The War's Result: Chinese Labour

When Two Ride Astride...

Will It Burst Too?

The Labour Party To The Electors Of Taunton

The Chocolate Soldiers

Down With The Red Flag

I'll Give Him Home Rule!

Electors! Do You Like Mc Kenna's Navy Cut?

Why Have The Radicals Forced The Election Upon An Old And Rotten Register...

The Open Door...

The Radicals Pretend To Trust The People

Vote For The Referendum

Tariff Reform Will Bring Grist To The Mill

We Always Are Ready

Where Is The Cheap Food The Radicals Promised You?

Your Food Has Cost You More

Electors Do You Want To "Wait And See" Any More Of This?

Dissolution Cup: The Government Hare Doubles Again

Muzzle Him, Asquith...

Resent The Attempt To Smash The British Constitution By American Dollars

Torn In Two

The Wife's Appeal

The Tax Payers' Financial Barometer

Liberal And Tory Finance

To The Parochial Electors Of St. Anne's On The Sea

Political Parable

British Factory: Closed Through Unfair Foreign Competition...

British Workman: It's No Good...

Each For All And All For Each

Free Imports Have Made Britain The Dumping Ground Of All Nations

Under Free Trade Thousands Are Leaving Our Shores Weekly

Unfair Competition

Vote For Tariff Reform

Wake Up! It Is Not What We Have Now...

Wake Up. Now Or Never!

A Warning! Free Traders Read This!

What Price Today? Shopman: A Loaf Is Three Halfpence More Today, Boy!

What Price Today?

A Free Trade Forecast

A Free Trade Forecast

Ten Years Of Toryism


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